Student Events

Student Focus Month March 2022

The IIRRT will host a student focus month in March 2022 which will entail a number of student focused events . Some examples of our planned students events are as follows:

• Research webinars
• Student self-care event – self-care events for students to help alleviate stress coming up to exams period and also to prepare for clinical placements
• IIRRT student forum -student membership benefits followed by a moderated Q&A -IIRRT students Reps and Representatives from both RT /DI
• Interview Skills
• Anatomy quizzes

Student Welcome Week
The IIRRT will host a student welcome week at the end of Sspetember 2022 to welcome the new Radiography and Radiation Therapists to our profession and introduce them to our porfessional body. Below is a list of topics that will be covered in blogs online or webinars
• Welcome to the IIRRT family
• Be study ready
• Be placement ready
• Keep your mind healthy
• What to expect from the hospital environment?