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IIRRT Students members can access Radiography Journal.

Primal Pictures- 3D Atlas

Covering the entire human body across 9 individual regions, Primal’s 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy provides the highest level of anatomical accuracy and detail available anywhere digitally. Featuring over 435 3D Views, comprised of thousands of structures, all reconstructed from real data that can be layered, zoomed, and rotated. All structures come with in-depth, highly accurate anatomical text written by specialists. It contains more than 700 interactive labelled MRI images aligned with correlating 3D cross-sectional models in 3 planes.


Here is a video explaining the Primal Pictures. Just log into the members area for direct access to primal pictures is in the CPD section.

Primal Pictures -Cross Sectional Anatomy

Primal’s Cross Sectional Anatomy modules allow you to travel through hundreds of cross-sectional slices of real anatomy including the thorax, abdomen, trunk and pelvis. It contains more than 400 interactive, labelled MRI and CT images aligned with correlating 3D cross-sectional models across 3 planes. It’s perfect for mastering cross-sectional anatomy and for easily relating 2D clinical imaging into 3D with specially curated 3D models. Just log into the members area for direct access to primal pictures is in the CPD section.


DetectedX is a leading image-based diagnosis improvement platform with real-time feedback and convenient online access. The platform allows you to self-assess radiography images, access lectures and take quizzes. It currently specialises in lung imaging assessments. Log in through the member’s tab at or click on image below.

Following the success of the IIRRT student interview skills session in April 2022 with RSM Ciaran Walsh, the IIRRT hosted this event this year moving the date back to the 12th of January 2023 to facilitate the final year students’ interview time frames. 55 delegates registered for the session.

What is CORU and why is CPD important?

CORU has developed a new video resource aimed at Health and Social Care students on CORU-approved education and training programmes. This comprehensive video guide “Preparation for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a Registered Professional” supports students learning about CPD as an integral component in the continuing provision of safe and effective services for the benefit of service users.