Preparing for CORU Audit

I have prepared a “Preparing for CORU CPD Audit” presentation with an audio voiceover for you to watch. Please see the presentation below. This presentation includes two useful CORU videos on CPD requirements and secondly how to complete the CORU CPD audit template. If you have any questions regarding the CORU CPD audit, please email:

Please find below a list of links to all the CORU documents you may need :

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

The code specifies the standards of ethics, conduct and performance expected of registered radiographers and radiation therapists.

rrb-code-of-professional-conduct-and-ethics-for-radiographers-and-radiation-therapists.pdf (

Fitness to Practice

If you require  any information regarding fitness to practice, please follow this link below and you will find all the detailed information here:

Fitness to Practise – Coru

CORU Guidance on CPD for Radiographers and RTs

Please read this document to understand the CORU CPD requirements .

rrb-guidance-on-continuing-professional-development.pdf (

CORU Support for CPD Radiography Registration Board

This is another document to help you understand CORU CPD requirements .

rrb-support-for-continuing-professional-development.pdf (


CORU has kindly prepared an exemplar from a radiographer who populated the CORU CPD audit template. This is a good example of how to complete the audit template.

Microsoft Word – RRB cpd-record-template 18.12.20 V2.docx (

CORU Audit Template

The CORU audit template is downloadable. I suggest you add in your CPD activities as you through your CPD cycle and the if you are chosen for CPD audit your template is ready to submit.

cpd-record-template.docx (

CPD Audit Guidelines


CORU CPD Audit Trend Report

CORU prepared  this trend report from the last CPD audit .

rrb-cpd-audit-trend-report-2018.pdf (