Reflective Learning Toolkit

This video has been developed as a resource to help and support HSCPs to engage in reflective learning .The video discuses the models and theories  of reflection to help guide HSCPs in their reflective learning .It is important to take time out to reflect and apply these reflective theories to your clinical experiences.  There are short snippets from front line HSCPs discussing the multiple  CPD opportunities they have encountered during  the Covid-19 pandemic . The front line snippets also discuss how these HSCPs use different reflective models to engage in reflective  writing .

Special  thanks to Caoimhe Henry and Eamon Yeung for creating the Radiation Therapy front -line video  and to Katie Flynn for creating the Diagnostic Imaging  front-line video .

In addition  to the video there is also a host of linked resources below to help and guide you through engaging  in reflective learning.

0 Reflective Learning Toolkit Content Table

1 Reflective Journal Overview

2 Bains Reflective Learning Model Worksheet

3 Gibbs Reflective Learning Model Worksheet

4 Kolb Reflective Learning Model Worksheet

5 Rolfe Reflective Learning Model Worksheet

6 Professional Body Reflective Learning Template from AOTI CPD Portfolio

7 Professional Body Reflective Learning Template from INDI CPD portfolio

8 Volunteer form Reflective Learning CPD

9 Journal Review form Reflective Learning CPD

10 Action Learning Handout

11 Mapping Workplace Support System for Reflective Learning

12 Reflective Learning Video Slides Handout

13 HSE HSCP Reflective Practice statement – Oct 2019

14 Coru CPD Audit Guidelines

15 Coru CPD Record Template

Reflective Learning Toolkit