Senior Radiation Therapist Radiotherapy Services Manager / Operations Manager via Clinical Specialist RT Group

  1. Maintains an atmosphere of caring, concern and support for patients of all ages, visitors, medical staff and co-workers on a consistent basis.
  2. Delivers radiation treatment according to written prescription and treatment plan. Provides safety in patient care through the consistent practice of Departmental Procedures for treatment administration.  Recognizes deviation from prescribed treatment delivery and reports all deviations to the Clinical Specialist/Chief Therapist/Physicist.
  3. Assures the quality of treatment delivery through the complete and accurate documentation of treatment records.
  4. Assures the quality and consistency of treatment portal placement by taking and reviewing electronic portal images according to departmental procedures.  Adjusts treatment fields as indicated.
  5. Explains treatment procedures to patient and/or family.  Refers medical questions to appropriate personnel.
  6. Under the direction of a radiation oncologist, takes localization radiographs according to planned treatment delivery. Assists physician or nurse in the administration of contrast agents used during treatment localization. Performs measurements for use during treatment calculation.  Collects and documents data acquired during the simulation procedure.  Accurately inputs treatment-related data into the verify-and-record system.
  7. Assists in the orientation and supervision of students during clinical rotations. Assists the Clinical Specialist/Chief Therapist in evaluation of student performance.
  8. Assists as needed in all treatment-related procedures.
  9. Assists at other UPMC locations as needed.
  10. Uses effective communication techniques and interpersonal skills to provide explanations for treatment-related procedures. Responds effectively to patient concerns. Observes patients for expected and unexpected reactions to treatments and communicates this to appropriate staff members. Reinforces patient education/side effect management information and indicates non-compliance to medical/nursing staff.
  11. Performs and documents daily and weekly QA activity for assigned equipment. Documents findings outside the range established by Physics. Notifies Clinical Specialist/Chief Therapist immediately of findings outside the normal range of operations. Participates in programs to measure and improve the quality of care within the Department. Assists and attends departmental QA functions
  12. Attends multidisciplinary team meetings for coordination of patient care.
  13. Completes the daily treatment schedule. Maintains an accurate record of procedures, including billing information and codes.
  14. Maintains a safe, orderly treatment room.
  15. Provides on-call coverage for the treatment of patients in emergency situations.
  16. Helps the Lead RT and Clinical Specialists in the day to day running of treatment units and PET CT unit, ensuring the daily list is run as smoothly as possible.
  17. Helps train and supervise more junior RT staff.
  18. Future Development of the new machines, we are looking for someone dynamic and motivated
Skills Essential to the Post
  • Completion of a formal radiation therapy technology program in an Irish/EU/AMA-approved institution.
  • CORU Registration required.
  • Must have at least 3 years relevant and appropriate post graduate Radiotherapy Experience.
  • Salary is competitive and negotiable


This job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of its writing. As the UPMC Whitfield Hospital and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Hospital.

PFA job description for the senior RT role. Applications should be sent to me