BIR Invitation to take part in a special publication from the World Partner Network on The Global Future of Imaging


 The Global Future of Imaging

 A special publication from the World Partner Network

We would like to invite you to take part in an interesting project. We plan to issue a special publication around Autumn 2019 entitled The Global Future of Imaging. This will feature a series of questions, together with answers given by Presidents of radiological societies around the world.

The questions will include (subject to editorial amendment):

  • What do you think the single most positive development in world imaging will be in the next ten years?
  • What is the biggest obstacle to progress in imaging around the world, and in your country in particular?
  • What do imaging professionals need to do to best prepare themselves for success?

This will be produced by the BJR publishing team and printed by the BIR. We will take full responsibility for organising and publishing, and for all project management, publishing and printing costs, and the costs of delivering copies to each society. Participating societies will be invited to distribute copies of the publication within their own country, for instance as a free benefit for their members.

The BIR will also circulate this publication to BIR members, delegates at BIR educational events, delegates at UKIO (the United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology Congress), and delegates at selected other events attended by the BIR.

The benefits of this project are:

  • Providing free content to your members
  • Helping to increase worldwide professional dialogue about the opportunities and challenges in imaging
  • Helping to deepen the relationship between our societies
  • Raising the profile of World Partner Network societies.

 Costs: This will not require any money to change hands between participating societies. The BIR will cover the costs of project management, production, printing, and shipping publications to each society (and will seek financial support from advertisers to cover these costs). Each society will cover their own costs of distribution to their members, inserts in delegate packs, etc.

Proposed publication date: October 2019

Next steps: If you would like to take part in this project, we will then send you a project plan with target dates.

Global Future of Imaging questions

The Global Future of Imaging questions and guidelines for submission