Radiography Volume 25, Supplement 1, Pages S1-S48, October 2019

Guest Editorial

Evolving the Landscape of Research

England, J.D. Thompson  pS1-S3


Navigating the maze: Qualitative research methodologies and their philosophical foundations

Bleiker, S. Morgan-Trimmer, K. Knapp, S. Hopkins  pS4–S8

Original Articles

A review of visual ethnography: Radiography viewed through a different lens

Original research article

O’Regan, L. Robinson, A. Newton-Hughes, R. Strudwick pS9–S13

 Radiographers’ perspectives’ on Visual Grading Analysis as a scientific method to evaluate image quality

Original research article

Precht, J. Hansson, C. Outzen, P. Hogg, A. Tingberg pS14–S18

 The pop-up research centre – Challenges and opportunities

Original research article

R.J. Toomey, M.F. McEntee, L.A. Rainford pS19–S24

 Radiographic research in Sweden – A review of dissertations

Original research article

S.M. Lundgren, B.T. Andersson, M. Lundén pS25–S32

 An analysis of bibliometric data exploring factors affecting research capacity amongst HCPC registered radiographers in England

Original research article

Agwa, C. Whiting pS33–S39

The journey to advanced practice and skeletal trauma reporting; an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of preparation for the role

Original research article

L.M. Cuthbertson