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Volume 24, Issue 4, Pages e75-e118, 275-404, November 2018

 Editorial Board


National survey of fiducial marker insertion for prostate image guided radiotherapy

Original research article

Pages 275–282

S.E. Alexander, J. Kinsella, H.A. McNair, A.C. Tree

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of synovitis in knees of patients with osteoarthritis without injected contrast agents using T1 quantification

Original research article

Pages 283–288

  1. Burnett, P. Wright, A.-M. Keenan, A. Redmond, J. Ridgway

Embedding consultant radiographer roles within radiology departments: A framework for success

Original research article

Pages 289–297

  1. Nightingale, M. Hardy, B. Snaith

TRUFU: Therapeutic radiographer undertaking follow up for prostate cancer patients

Original research article

Pages 298–303

S.M. Hetherington, T. Gilleece, P. Shepherd, K. Crowther, J. O’Sullivan, S. Jain, D. Mitchell, L. Shum, P. Turner

Running water sound technique in contrast-based voiding cystourethrogram: A case–control study

Original research article

Pages 304–308

B.O. Botwe

 Breast compression techniques in screening mammography – A Maltese evaluation project

Original research article

Pages 309-314

  1. Cassar Agius, S. Naylor

An evaluation of online information available for women with breast implants aged 47–73 who have been invited to attend the NHS Breast Screening Programme

Original research article

Pages 315-327

  1. Parr, K. Dunmall

A questionnaire study of radiography educator opinions about patient lead shielding during digital projection radiography

Original research article

Pages 328-333

  1. Shanley, K. Matthews

Assessment of isocenter alignment during CT colonography: Implications for clinical practice

Original research article

Pages 334-339

K.L. Olden, R.G. Kavanagh, K. James, M. Twomey, F. Moloney, N. Moore, K. Carey, K.P. Murphy, T.M. Grey, P. Nicholson, R. Chopra, M.M. Maher, O.J. O’Connor

The detection of wooden foreign bodies: An experimental study comparing direct digital radiography (DDR) and ultrasonography

Original research article

Pages 340-344

L.N.S. Mercado, C.M. Hayre

A phantom study of the performance of model-based iterative reconstruction in low-dose chest and abdominal CT: When are benefits maximized?

Original research article

Pages 345-351

  1. Moloney, M. Twomey, K. James, R.G. Kavanagh, D. Fama, S. O’Neill, T.M. Grey, N. Moore, M.J. Murphy, O.J. O’Connor, M.M. Maher

Undergraduate use of medical radiation science mobile applications

Original research article

Pages 352-359

L.R. Greene, K.M. Spuur

Barriers and incentives for choosing to specialise in mammography– A survey of Australian undergraduate diagnostic radiography students

Original research article

Pages 360-365

H.M. Warren-Forward

Radiographer reporting of neurological magnetic resonance imaging examinations of the head and cervical spine: Findings of an accredited postgraduate programme

Original research article

Pages 366-369

  1. Piper, L. Pittock, N. Woznitza

Image interpretation by radiographers in brain, spine and knee MRI examinations: Findings from an accredited postgraduate module

Original research article

Pages 370-375

  1. Lockwood, G. Dolbear

Development and evaluation of a deep knowledge and skills based assignment: Using MRI safety as an example

Original research article

Pages 376-382

H.M. Warren-Forward, O. Kalthoff

Variation in the length and structure of reports written by reporting radiographers: A retrospective study

Original research article

Pages 383-391

A.S. Manning-Stanley, L. Bonnett, T. Mellett, J.R. Herreran, R. Anforth

An evaluation of Fracture Liaison Services in the detection and management of osteoporotic fragility fractures: A narrative review

Review Article

Pages 392-395

  1. Eccles, J.D. Thompson, H. Roddam

The experiences of women receiving brachytherapy for cervical cancer: A systematic literature review

Review Article

Pages 396-403

  1. Humphrey, C. Bennett, F. Cramp


Perspectives on the development of professionalism as experienced by radiography students

Page 404

  1. Maddy, S. Holt, A. Garnett, N. Gallagher


Muscle thickness and echo-intensity changes of the quadriceps femoris muscle during a strength training program

Original research article

Pages e75-e84

  1. Santos, M.J. Valamatos, P. Mil-Homens, P.A.S. Armada-da-Silva

Assessment of left ventricular ejection fraction with late-systolic and mid-diastolic cardiac phases using multi-slice computed tomography

Original research article

Pages e85-e90

  1. Spitzer, N. Pavo, M. Abdelghani, D. Beitzke, B. Ren, V. García-Ruiz, G. Goliasch, M. Gottsauner-Wolf, A. Kaneider, H.M. Garcia-Garcia, O.I.I. Soliman, F. Wolf, C. Loewe


A comparative study about motivations, expectations and future plans for professional development in four European radiography programs

Original research article

Pages e91-e97

  1. Sá dos Reis, J.A. Pires Jorge, H. York, L. Flaction, S. Johansen, S. Mæhle


A study to explore opinions and attitudes of Saudi Arabian MR professionals on the current status of routine MR scanner quality assurance testing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Original research article

Pages e98-e104

  1. Alsharif, A. McGee, L. Rainford, M. Davis


Insights into the methodology of radiography science

Original research article

Pages e105-e108

  1. Metsälä, K. Fridell


Diagnostic accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging using liver tissue specific contrast agents and contrast enhanced Multi Detector Computed Tomography: A systematic review of diagnostic test in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

Review Article

Pages e109-e114

  1. Usman, L. Smith, N. Brown, V. Major


Atraumatic musculocutaneous neuropathy: A rare case caused by a proximal humeral bone spur

Case Report

Pages e115-e117

  1. Romano, M. D’Amato, G. D’Amato, P. Taborelli, D. Intersimone, G. Salsano, T. Stefanini