National HSCP Office Update – Poster on HSCP’s Response During COVID-19

Dear Colleague,

As we are learning to live with the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many changes to our work practices and in the way services are delivered. The work and leadership contributed by health and social care professionals, across all sectors and settings, has been tremendous and is gratefully acknowledged by the National HSCP Office. Through this poster, the Office intends to say a genuine ‘thank you’ to all the HSCP for all you have done and continue to contribute during this pandemic.

In an effort to make these contributions visible, the National HSCP Office has collated key information and presented it in the form of a poster titled Health and Social Care Professions’ Response During COVID-19.

Kind Regards,

Mary Samuel
HSCP Development Manager
National Health & Social Care Professions Office

A digital copy of the poster is available for download here: HSE-HSCP-Response-During-COVID19 – digital copy.