ISRRT – Research on the radiographers’ contribution to appropriate imaging

Dear Board of the Society of Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRRT)
I am forwarding to you the request from the School of radiography, of the University of the South-Eastern Norway (USN) for a project which asks your society collaboration, by providing to them some reliable data which only your society can have.

Please read below,
Kindest regards,
Dimitris Katsifarakis, Chief Executive, ISRRT.

To the Research on the radiographers’ contribution to appropriate imaging

Justification of radiological examinations has become an increasingly important issue, acknowledged by radiation protection authorities and professional societies. At the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) a research project is currently carried out focusing on radiographers’ role in the justification process. This PhD-project was developed along with with a masters course on Justification and skill mix, both in cooperation with University college Dublin (UCD) and greeted with cheers by IAEA, EFRS and ISRRT. So far these initiatives have resulting in a research HUB at ECR 2019, focusing on the radiographers’ competency in assessing referrals (see article: Radiographers’ assessment of referrals for CT and MR imaging using a web-based data collection tool), and a forthcoming pre-conference workshop at the ISRRT conference, postpone from 2020 to 2021 due to the covid 19 pandemic.
Now a web-based survey is prepared to gain information on how radiographers can contribute to appropriate imaging (follow link) In order to gain knowledge on this issue from radiographers world wide ISRRT has agreed to facilitated the distribution of the survey by posting it on their Facebook pages. As a reasonably high response rate is crucial, we ask you for further help. What we kindly ask for is to distribute the survey to the members of you national radiographers union, by your homepage, a newsletter or any way you may find convenient. For your information, the survey will be open for radiographers to contribute until 1st of January 2021.
We hope you find this interesting and want to contribute to this research. , we also ask you to briefly answer the following three question and return them to :
• How many are the members of your national society? (If exact number is not available, please make an approximate estimate).
• How did you distribute the survey?
• When did you distribute the survey?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions or comments regarding this research project.
Kind regards
PhD-student Catherine C. Chilanga

Project leader Professor Kristin B. Lysdahl