IIRRT Research and Development Funding Programme 2018

IIRRT Research and Development Funding Programme 2018

Supporting members in research and development

Closing Date: 28th March 2018

The IIRRT wishes to encourage role development in all aspects of Radiography & Radiation Therapy. In order to achieve this we see the importance of supporting; Education (CPD, Journal, Upcoming courses) and Research (Research Funding Programme). These principles are enshrined in the IIRRT Code of Conduct:
“It is the duty of radiographers and radiation therapists to develop the practice of Radiography and Radiation Therapy and as such engage in research and support research of others.”
“Should disseminate widely”.


Through the Research Funding Programme the IIRRT seeks to encourage Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to take up this duty. There are other drivers for members and the IIRRT to increase their support for research: the Health and Social Care Professionals Bill 2004 requires Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to be involved in all types of continual professional development including research. A proven research track record will help to increase our standing among other health professionals and help develop and consolidate our current roles and also branching into new roles.


Research and the application of new knowledge have underpinned advances in health and medicine in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and there have been many advances in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy in this time. Irish Radiographers and Radiation Therapists are currently involved in research of the highest level both nationally and internationally. The IIRRT seeks to encourage research by and development of its members through providing funding to assist Radiographers and Radiation Therapists in this work. The funding provided by the IIRRT will complement those provided by other research funding organisations such as the Health Research Board. The HRB has in the past funded major research carried out by IIRRT members and the IIRRT encourages members to seek funding from the HRB for major research projects.


What are the aims of the programme?

The aims of the IIRRT annual Research Funding Programme are to:

  • Encourage IIRRT members to carry out research and development at all levels
  • Develop research skills
  • Encourage evidence-based practice
  • Elevate IIRRT member’s research to national and international levels
  • Acknowledge the hard work and effort of IIRRT members in carrying out research
  • Develop publication skills and presentation skills amongst members
  • Increase in the Irish knowledge base through:
    • Increase in potential conference presentations
    • Increase in papers for Radiography Ireland*
  • Increased professional autonomy through independent research.
Who can apply?
·         Grants are open only to full members IIRRT
·         The grants are available for research or presentation of research, nationally or internationally
·         Funding is only available for research and development projects that are new or ongoing at the time of application.
·         Only one award can be made per project
·         Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply
·         The IIRRT funding scheme has limited funding each year and the amounts awarded by the funding committee will be non-negotiable
·         All studies pertaining to patients or patients’ information will be required to demonstrate that ethical approval has been obtained from the hospitals concerned.
·         Successful applicants must abide by the rules and regulations of the funding awarded, samples of these include:
–    Submission of a brief annual report on the status of their work
–    Submission of at least one paper to Radiography Ireland*
–    The IIRRT name and logo must be acknowledged on all presentations
–    Funding by the IIRRT must be acknowledged in all papers published.
*Radiography Ireland holds no copyright and publications in this journal do not exclude contributors from submitting work elsewhere.
·         The three members of the committee will read all proposals and will score all proposals by a set scoring system
·         All applicants will be given feedback on their application and a record kept of all feedback.
·         All awards will be made at the annual conference but successful applicants will be notified in  September.
Criteria for award of Funding:
The following criteria will be used to judge the grant application:
·         Benefit to patients
·         Benefit to the profession of Radiography or Radiation Therapy
·         Encourages role development
·         Professional development
·         Aims and objectives aligned with those of the IIRRT
·         Full consideration of ethical issues
·         Collaborative research
·         Scientific rationale
·         Detailed and reasonable methodology
·         Definite direction shown for research
·         Critical approach to the research question.
Rejected Projects:
Occasionally the standing committee may reject applications for research funding. Reasons for this include;
·         Applicants were non members (they may reapply when member);
·         Some ethical concerns with projects (may reapply when addressed);
·         Applicant was not applying to fund research but education.
Research Funding Committee Members:
The research funding programme is administered by the Research Funding Committee (a sub-committee of the IIRRT National Council);
·         All members of the committee are members of the council of the IIRRT
·         The grants committee consists of the President of the IIRRT (ex-officio), at least one Radiation Therapist and one Diagnostic Radiographer;
·         These members may from time to time refer any funding application to an external expert/assessor for comment should the need arise.
Please note: All applications must be made electronically to info@iirrt.ie before the closing date. Application forms for the 2018 Research and Development Funding Programme will be published on www.iirrt.ie . They can also be requested by email from  info@iirrt.ie.
We look forward to receiving your applications for the
                       Research Funding Round 2018