Development of a HSCP Strategic Framework

One of the clinical leadership priorities in Service Plan 2019 is to ‘support and strengthen capacity within health and social care professions (HSCPs) through strategic leadership, engagement and development of a strategic framework to enable their full potential to deliver improved outcomes for service users.’  This development of a HSCP Strategic Framework is a key element in delivering on this priority and is led by the National HSCP Office, which reports to the Chief Clinical Officer.

It was clear at the launch event on 2nd July, where the context, mandate, scope and process for development of a strategic framework for HSCP was discussed, that there is an appetite, energy, enthusiasm and hopefulness to take this journey. People said they were ‘hopeful’, ‘inspired’, ‘encouraged’, ‘optimistic’ ‘delighted to be here at the start of the journey for HSCPs – feeling hopeful, go, go, go’.  We also received a strong message from service users that day and a request – “whatever you do, please do it together”.

Taking this step right now can help policy makers, commissioners, leaders and managers better understand and support the transformative potential of HSCP and can lead to better outcomes and satisfaction for service users and HSCP.  It can support and energise HSCP themselves to come together to think, work and collaborate in new and different ways.

During September a series of workshops together with an online platform are being organised to generate information to inform the development of the HSCP framework in response to Sláintecare.

I have attached a letter to give you some more information about the work, why it is important for HSCP and why it is needed now.  I also attach a diagram which gives an overview of the process and a flyer for further dissemination and promotion of the development.

There are two ways to get involved:-

  1. Sign up for one of the face to face workshops on the HSCP hub on, live on the 1st of August.
  2. Join in the conversation on the online platform that will run throughout September – details of the link will follow

HSCP Invitation to contribute to the development of a National HSCP Strategic Framework

Diagram -Creating a Strategic Framework for HSCP

Flyer with twitter