All IIRRT members benefit from an individual electronic portfolio in which they can record all their CPD activities, which can be accessed at any time from any device simply by logging into the Members area of the IIRRT website.

My Rad CPD’ can help you to plan, record and reflect on your CPD and produce reports which can be used for a variety of purposes including, if you choose to do so, reviews with your line-manager or when applying for a new role and also reports can be automatically created to satisfy CORU CPD audits.

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The aim of this site is to provide a central location for all your CPD requirements by providing information on upcoming CPD events, links to useful resources, access to articles and presentations and information on how exactly to carry out CPD.

The site aims to promote a community of inquiry among our members by utilising blogs, discussion boards and a dedicated ‘Journal Club’ which will allow interaction and open dialogue between members.  We hope this forum of debate will assist in the establishment of best practice guidelines and provide a framework for protocol driven clinical practice. We hope to achieve this by:

  • Providing relevant resources pertaining to specific topics of interest
  • Encouraging critique of local practice
  • Encouraging research into international practice
  • Promote discussion between peers with expertise or experience within the area

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HSE Funding for CPD

In the past, the IIRRT has applied for funding from the HSE on an annual basis to support the CPD activities of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists. One of our primary aims is to facilitate and support the organisation of  a range of CPD Events and Study Days which are of benefit to our professions. The IIRRT has now received  HSE funding for CPD activities for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists in 2015. Please contact info@iirrt.ie if you are interested in organising a CPD activity/study day that would benefit Radiographers/Radiation Therapists.


The IIRRT CPD Officer has planned a number of CPD events where she will support the local CPD Event Organiser in co-ordinating the Study Day. These will be funded by the IIRRT with online registration available via the IIRRT website. All attendees must register in advance. Registration on the day will not be facilitated. A full or  proportional refund of the Registration Fee will be refunded to Radiographers/Radiation Therapists who attend. An ‘Event Organisers Pack’ with sample documents is available online to support local organisers.

Please keep an eye on the IIRRT website and Facebook page for details of upcoming IIRRT Study Days.

Details of IIRRT-endorsed Study Days will also be published on the IIRRT website as Event Organisers provide the information.


CORU Framework for CPD

CPD is a core element of the new regulatory environment. Once a health and social care professional registers they have a duty to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is part of a practitioner’s professionalism and is required under their code of professional conduct and ethics.

Once registered, there is a duty on each registrant to engage in CPD.

For further information on the CORU framework follow this LINK


The IIRRT  have appointed a CPD Officer ,  Sinead O Sullivan on a part time basis . The CPD Officer is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. For further details login to the members section. Sinead can be contacted via email on iirrtcpdofficer@gmail.com and is available to help with any queries or assistance Radiographers / Radiation Therapists have on any aspect of CPD.

Sinead outlines her vision of CPD for IIRRT members below:

‘In my role as National CPD officer, I would like to emphasise the importance of all Radiographers/Radiation Therapists’ participation in CPD activities. Following each CPD event, all Radiographers/Radiation therapists should demonstrate what the learning outcomes were from this CPD activity.  It is also essential that each Radiographer/ Radiation Therapist is constantly reflecting on their practice in their clinical settings. Each CPD activity should enhance the professionals’ knowledge and skills and ultimately enhance a better quality service for the service users.

For IIRRT members, the IIRRT have developed an electronic method of recording CPD. This is called ‘My Rad CPD’  and is available on the members only area of the IIRRT website. This CPD portfolio will enable all Radiographers/Radiation Therapists to record all their CPD events and link CPD activities with their individual Personal Development Plans. I aim to introduce a National Framework for the recording of all CPD activities. I will also encourage all Radiographers/ Radiation Therapists to seek endorsement and funding of CPD events. The ability to demonstrate an active commitment to CPD will likely be a pre-requisite for the State Registration of all Radiographers/Radiation Therapists into the future. For this reason I anticipate that all Radiographers and Radiation Therapists will be ready to present their CPD activities in electronic format, when requested.

 Please feel free to email me on iirrtcpdofficer@gmail.com should you have any CPD enquiries or wish to organise a CPD event. I will be working as CPD officer on a part-time basis from Wednesday to Friday’.

A  system of CPD has been developed called ‘My Rad CPD’. This CPD system is not based on a traditional CPD points system or accumulation of contact hours. Instead all Radiographers / Radiation Therapists will be encouraged to adopt a more reflective approach to learning and to identify their own learning and development needs based on the skills and competencies required for their particular professional practice. The intention is that a Radiographers / Radiation Therapist’s development should encompass a balanced range of activities carried out across the learning spectrum over a period of time, such as five years. Radiographers / Radiation Therapists will be encouraged and facilitated to participate in a range of learning activities which meet their individual needs, enabling them to retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving career and scope of practice.

To enable Radiographers / Radiation Therapists to record, evaluate and demonstrate their professional development, a ‘CPD portfolio’ is currently being developed. This portfolio will function as a structured template for Radiographers / Radiation Therapists to help them assess their learning needs and track the fulfillment of their individual outcomes-based learning plan. The CPD portfolio can also be used by members as a guide to evaluate and reflect on their learning activities and to document their professional development.

‘My Rad CPD’ will be flexible, enabling members to demonstrate their professional development in a style that best suits their requirements. It will also take into account the many types of learning in which Radiographers / Radiation Therapists can engage in order to progress their professional development. These range from ‘Informal Learning’ (interactive, practical, ‘on-the-job’ learning from experience that traditionally does not lead to certification but is important for the professional role or for the benefit of particular patients within a practice setting); through to participation in ‘Formal Learning’ (structured learning courses which lead to formal recognition of learning outcomes delivered by education providers or training institutions). The system will accommodate all learning activities necessary for a Radiographer’s / Radiation Therapist’s career development as well as those necessary to address the health care needs of local communities and the contribution of radiographers / radiation therapists to national, integrated health services

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the means by which Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives.

Every Diagnostic Radiographer and Radiation Therapist must adapt to the rapidly changing environment within which they work. The advancement of technology, new practices, legislative changes and increased accountability necessitates continuous learning. It is incumbent on all Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to make every effort to keep professional knowledge up to date, in order to maintain and develop professional competence.

The IIRRT expects that it will be a future requirement of the Health and Social Care Professions Council (HSCPC) for Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to demonstrate CPD as a condition of state registration. The IIRRT will work to ensure that the IIRRT model of CPD will be capable of integration with any system of monitoring CPD activity that the HSCPC might require.

The IIRRT also considers it essential that employers should support Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists in the achievement of CPD. Employers should have learning and development strategies in place and if possible, provide employees with an opportunity to discuss their professional development plan (PDP) and the achievement of PDP objectives.

The Members section of the website has additional CPD related information for members including online educational material, a presentation on reflective practice and access to ‘My Rad CPD’.