CORU Update for Registrants 27/03/2020

Please see an update from CORU for all registrants :

CORU registrants are at the frontline of the current COVID-19 pandemic and we offer you our support and thanks for the work you are doing in these unprecedented times.

CORU has a statutory duty to protect the public by setting standards for its registrants. CORU also has a responsibility to support our registrants and we want to reassure registrants that we recognise that these times may require temporary changes to normal practice. In the current emergency we know that many existing regulated professions are being asked to redeploy to carry out duties including testing for COVID-19 and contact tracing. We understand and expect that you will be trained to carry out any new duties competently.

As a CORU registrant, the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for your profession will continue to guide and assist you, regardless of where you are working.

CORU is here to support registrants in whatever way we can.  We expect registrants to continue to act reasonably, responsibly and to be able to explain your actions and decisions if required. We thank all of you for your dedication and work during these difficult times. Stay safe, mind your health and wellbeing, while continuing to protect the patients and service users in your care.

CORU CPD requirements for Registrants

CORU have informed the IIRRT that although they recognise the extra workload placed upon registrants due to the outbreak of Covid-19 all registrants will still be expected to keep up to date with CPD and audit will continue as scheduled.