Membership fees

There are three different types of membership to avail of:

  • Full membership with professional indemnity insurance (recommended for all practising Radiographers / Radiation Therapists).  €324 annually.
  • Full membership without insurance (for retired Radiographers / Radiation Therapists).  €156 annually.
  • Student membership. €10 annually

The preferred method of payment is via monthly Direct Debit.

However for anyone wishing to pay your fees by cheque or postal order you must send in the relevant amount to complete the current year’s fees and you will then be invoiced annually in January of each subsequent year. To determine the relevant amount of membership fees to pay, please select the month you are making your application in and pay the corresponding amount. (as per Table below). Cheque/postal orders must be made from an Irish banking institution and cheques should be made payable to The Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy.

When paying through Paypal, members will be invoiced automatically at the end of their subscription period (monthly / yearly) to continue their membership.

Month Membership Fees with Insurance Membership Fees Only
January €324 €156
February €297 €143
March €270 €130
April €243 €117
May €216 €104
June €189 €91
July €162 €78
August €135 €65
September €108 €52
October €81 €39
November €54 €26
December €27 €13