How to I apply for membership to the IIRRT?

All applicants must fill in the membership application form in full.  This form may be filled in online through the online membership subscription service found in the membership section.  Alternatively the form may be downloaded and filled in and returned by post to the IIRRT office for the attention of the membership secretary.

If you qualified outside of the republic of Ireland you must also submit a copy of your validation letter from the department of health in order for your application to be considered.

Finally you must choose a method of payment of membership fees.  You may pay your fees for the remainder of the year either by credit card payment through our online paypal account or by forwarding a cheque/bank draft with the remaining year’s subscription to the office with your details.  Alternatively you can sign up to our monthly direct debit fee payment option by filling in the online form or downloading and returning the completed form to the office.

For further details please refer to the ‘Become a member’ section here

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