Radiography Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages e25-e128, 93-184, May 2020



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 Artificial Intelligence and the Radiographer/Radiological Technologist Profession: A joint statement of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists and the European Federation of Radiographer Societies

  1. Woznitza, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, The European Federation of Radiographer Societies

Pages 93–95

 Original Articles

 Developing communication support for interaction with children during acute radiographic procedures

Original research article

  1. Møller Christensen, S. Nilsson, M. Stensson

Pages 96–101

 An evaluation of CT head reporting radiographers’ scope of practice within the United Kingdom

Original research article

  1. Lockwood

Pages 102-109

 Anxiety during magnetic resonance imaging of the spine in relation to scanner design and size

Original research article

B.M. Ahlander, J. Engvall, E. Ericsson

Pages 110-116

Radiographer knowledge and practice of paediatric radiation dose protocols in digital radiography in Gauteng

Original research article

  1. Moolman, F. Mulla, S. Mdletshe

Pages 117-121

Evaluating the perceptions of the transgender and non-binary communities of pelvic radiotherapy side effect information booklets

Original research article

  1. Burton, P. Pilkington, P. Bridge

Pages 122-126

 Evidence-based radiography: A new methodology or the systematisation of an old practice?

Original research article

A.F.C.L. Abrantes, L.P.V. Ribeiro, C.A. da Silva, A. England, K.B. Azevedo, R.P.P. Almeida, M.V. Canha Reis

Pages 127-132

 Breast compression and reported pain during mammographic screening

Original research article

  1. Moshina, S. Sagstad, S. Sebuødegård, G.G. Waade, E. Gran, J. Music, S. Hofvind

Pages 133-139

Simulated versus traditional therapeutic radiography placements: A randomised controlled trial

Original research article

S.-J. Ketterer, J. Callender, M. Warren, F. Al-Samarraie, B. Ball, K.-A. Calder, J. Edgerley, M. Kirby, P. Pilkington, B. Porritt, M. Orr, P. Bridge

Pages 140-146

Incident reporting and level of MR safety education: A Danish national study

Original research article

A.D. Blankholm, B. Hansson

Pages 147-153

Clinical practice guidelines for videofluoroscopic swallowing studies: A systematic review

Original research article

  1. Boaden, J. Nightingale, C. Bradbury, L. Hives, R. Georgiou

Pages 154-162

Initial single centre experiences of a radiographer advanced practitioner led nephrostomy exchange programme

Original research article

  1. Hoddes, A. Hattab, A. England

Pages 163-166


 A systematic review of incubator-based neonatal radiography – What does the evidence say?

Review Article

  1. Tugwell-Allsup, A. England

Pages 167–173

 State of the art of coronary computed tomography angiography

Review Article

  1. El Merhi, R. Bou-Fakhredin, B. El Ashkar, D. Ghieh, Y. Ghosn, C. Saade

Pages 174-182


 Letter to the Editor- Ref “Radiographer knowledge and practice of pediatric radiation dose protocols in digital radiography in Gauteng” by Moolman, Mulla and Mdletshe

  1. Rusandu Page 183


 Ionising radiation exposure from medical imaging – A review of Patient’s (un) awareness

Original Research Article

  1. Ribeiro, O. Husson, N. Drey, I. Murray, K. May, J. Thurston, W. Oyen

Pages e25-e30

 Comparison of image quality in chest, hip and pelvis examinations between mobile equipment in nursing homes and static indirect radiography equipment in the hospital

Original Research Article

  1. Precht, D.L. Hansen, B.M. Ring-Pedersen, L.F. Møller Hansen, D. Waaler, A. Tingberg, M. Midtgaard, M.G. Jensen Ohlsen, S.T. Juhl Hankelbjerg, P. Ravn, I.E. Jensen, J.K. Christensen, P.A. Blackburn Andersen

Pages e31-37

 A qualitative study of transgender individuals’ experiences of healthcare including radiology

Original Research Article

M.J. Floyd, O. Martin, K.J. Eckloff

Pages e38-e44

 Similar patient positioning: A key factor in follow-up studies when using model-based radiostereometric analysis of the hip

Original Research Article

  1. Lindgren, P.B. Jørgensen, R.M.S. Mørup, M. Jensen, L. Rømer, B. Kaptein, M. Stilling

Pages e45-e51

 The accuracy of ultrasonography for diagnosis of gallbladder polyps

Original Research Article

  1. Lodhi, K. Waite, I. Alam

Pages e52-e55

Visual function assessment of diagnostic radiography students

Original Research Article

  1. Lockwood, A. Blackman

Pages e56-e65

 A multi institutional comparison of imaging dose and technique protocols for neonatal chest radiography

Original Research Article

  1. Gunn, K. O’Brien, K. Fosså, E. Tonkopi, L. Lanca, C.T. Martins, H. Muller, H. Friedrich-Nel, M. Abdolell, S. Johansen

Pages e66-e72

 The accuracy of Cobb angle measurement on CT scan projection radiograph images

Original Research Article

  1. Alrehily, P. Hogg, M. Twiste, S. Johansen, A. Tootell

Pages e73-e77


Development and validation of a bespoke phantom to test accuracy of Cobb angle measurements

Original Research Article

  1. Alrehily, P. Hogg, M. Twiste, S. Johansen, A. Tootell

Pages e78-e87

 Assessing radiation protection knowledge in diagnostic radiography in the Republic of Cyprus. A questionnaire survey

Original Research Article

  1. Zervides, L. Sassis, P. Kefala-Karli, V. Christou, A. Derlagen, P. Papapetrou, A. Heraclides

Pages e88-e93

 Theory and application of research principles and philosophical underpinning for a study utilising interpretative phenomenological analysis

Original Research Article

L.M. Cuthbertson, Y.A. Robb, S. Blair

Pages e94-e102

 Can the anode heel effect be used to optimise radiation dose and image quality for AP pelvis radiography?

Original Research Article

H.A.A.B. Mraity, L. Walton, A. England, J. Thompson, L. Lanca, P. Hogg

Pages e103-e108

 Radiography students’ perceptions of Peer assisted learning

Original Research Article

  1. Elshami, M. Abuzaid, M.E. Abdalla

Pages e109-e113

 Barriers to not informing patients about radiation in connection with radiological examinations: Radiographers’ opinion

Original Research Article

  1. Ukkola, H. Kyngäs, A. Henner, H. Oikarinen

Pages e114-e119

 Opportunities for radiographer reporting in Ghana and the potential for improved patient care

Original Research Article

A.-R. Wuni, N. Courtier, D. Kelly

Pages e120-e125

Conjoined twins – A case report of prenatal diagnosis of cephalothoracoomphalopagus

Original Research Article

  1. Vegar-Zubović, S. Prevljak, A. Behmen, H. Bektešević, D. Zubović, M. Jusufbegović

Pages e126-e128